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9 March 2023



To the many supporters of the Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture:




The Center board of directors has chosen to terminate the operations of the Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture. After two years of careful analysis, the board has concluded that other established and emerging regional advocates for organic regenerative agriculture are best positioned to carry forward the goal to transition farms and public lands to organic practices in the South Coast. We recommend that you consider funding two Ojai-based non-profits that do work we support, The Ojai C.R.E.W. and Once Upon A Watershed. We are grateful to all our funders and supporters over the past 20 years and to Dr. David White for his many years of leadership and service as executive director.  We expect the efforts of CRA supporters in Ojai will independently carry forward the established efforts of the Center to continue to yield beneficial effects for our community.


The Center for Regenerative Agriculture promotes all aspects of regenerative organic agriculture which increase the carbon content and health of our soils. [Read More]

The CRA's focus is on projects which promote regenerative organic agricultural practices.

Soil Food Web

CRA has been awarded a CalReLeaf Grant to plant trees in Ventura County. We are planting some of these trees in residential areas. If you live in the Westside of Ventura, you may be eligible for a fruit tree. 

Tree Planting

The CRA trains and practices composting and supports composting programs at homes, schools and community gardens.

Community Composting
Fruit Tree Planting 3.jpg

Center for Regenerative Agriculture includes a community of regenerative volunteers. From communal biking thru neighborhoods to pick up compost, to planting trees for a greener future. Come join us! 

Worm Bins

The CRA works to install and support continuous flow worm bins at schools and community gardens in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.


The CRA hosts community soil testing workshops focused on the importance of the Soil Food Web and soil microscopy. 

COVID Protocols

Center for Regenerative Agriculture, including our staff, volunteers, and visitors, adhere to the public safety guidelines regarding COVID as recommended by City, County, State, and Federal Health officials.
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