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Continual Flow Worm Bins

The CRA works to install and support continuous flow worm bins at schools and community gardens in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Here is a photo essay on their construction and use at a school managed by Food for Thought Ojai.

The frame is welded together, painted with cold galvanizing compound and then 7/16th or 3/8th inch polypropylene rope is used to form a matrix to support the worms and their food

The box sides are 2 x 12 redwood bolted together at the corners. This bin is 4' wide by 8' long. Although we make them in different sizes. The split lid is 1/2" cdx plywood. The bin is installed with 1/4" hardware cloth surrounding the base to prevent critters from accessing this bin interior. This wire is lapped onto the ground and held in place with pavers.

Leadership students at this school feed and water this bin on average once per week.  Ideally bins are located on the north side of a buliding in full shade.  After harvesting worm castings this bin was sown with oyster mushroom spawn in a cold sterilized straw and coffee ground medium. 

Here students in a Food for Thought sponsored garden club; harvest and cook oyster mushrooms grown under their school's worm bin.

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