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CRA Mission

Our primary objectives and purposes are to promote all aspects of organic farming which build soils, limit synthetic pesticide release and curtail pollution and degradation of arable lands. We use model projects to educate students, homeowners, ranchers and farmers about sustainable food growing strategies, Permaculture design, native habitat creation and regeneration, tree planting and maintenance, community and urban forestry and organic certification as per the requirements of the Federal Organic Foods Production Act of 1993. We also provide outreach to other educational centers to help spread the use of sustainable designs.

Since its founding in 2002 the CRA has worked to promote all aspects of Regenerative Agriculture which increase soil carbon levels. Initially our focus was to give tours of organic farms for local schools and visiting college groups.


We then began providing support for composting programs at public schools and community gardens in low income communities. Our work progressed to providing workshops on the Soil Food Web particularly highlighting the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham.


We developed an internship program that focuses on training about the soil food web and the techniques of regenerative agriculture. After the Thomas Fire, we have begun a regeneration program for those who have suffered losses during this disaster.


The Soil Story, created by Kiss the Ground, is a five-minute film that shares the importance of healthy soil for a healthy planet.

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