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Farm Tours

CRA provides tours to local farms. Students and adults are able to visit Rancho Del Pueblo, Poco Organic Farms and Reeves Creek Ranch in the Ojai Valley. We work with students from age five upwards. We organize farm tours, classes and class visits, workshops and parties.
Educationally, we cover topics including plant and pest identification, food tastings, definitions of organic and sustainable agriculture, planting and harvesting techniques, GMOs, farmworker justice, perceptions of "local", history of pesticides and fertilizers and gender equality in agriculture.
Program participants include UCSB, Pepperdine University, Occidental College, Pitzer College, Santa Barbara City College, CSU Channel Islands, Food for Thought Ojai, all the public schools in the Ojai Valley, Oak Grove, Ojai Valley, Valley Oak and Thacher Schools, Ojai Birth and Resource Center, Home School groups and Boy Scout troops.
For more information and to arrange a farm visit, please contact...
David White
(805) 390-0747
The fee for this program is $6.00 per person, with a $100 minimum.


For more information on Poco Farm visit their website

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