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Seed Saving & Seed Swaps


The CRA regularly hosts and supports Seed swaps. These events are open to all, seed savers and seed planters alike. Participating in seed swaps is a core community event.  Our food security is supported through local seed sovereignty.  Sharing in the seed commons is a historical act of community solidarity.  At seed swaps, while one could easily score a hundred dollars worth of seed for free, of incalculably high value is the knowledge of what to do with those seeds, freely shared by experienced gardeners and farmers. These are especially rich events which consistently score a “10” on the community vibrancy scale. 


From Mohawk elder Rowan White:


"We don’t own seeds we borrow them from our children

Every bite of food we eat is a gift of generosity from seeds

The sharing of seeds is a currency of connection

It’s a potent and courageous act to plant seed and keep it for future generations

So plant seeds of hope that will nourish our community and save seed to share."

CRA has the following seeds available to share:



Fava Beans





Suggested donation $5/pack

If you are interested in seeds, please email us your request using the dropdown menu below. 

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